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How To Improve Our Golf Swing Tempo

By admin May24,2024

Finding the proper tempo for our game is a bit of a challenge. After researching this topic for a bit, many instructors offer tips on how to develop a tempo to improve our overall golf sing. There are many ways to acquire a mantra to create tempo, but it is important to understand that this skill is unique to each player. What I am gleaning is that a saying or mantra helps to remove any jerky movements associated with a poor tempo. Each player should take the time to work on finding their tempo while on the range or in their backyard. Keep reading if you want a bit of assistance on finding your tempo.

Bobby Jones was famously quoted as saying, “rhythm and timing are the two things which we all must have, yet no one knows how to teach either.” (Keiser University) I think this might be true. It is very difficult to articulate the differences between these two. Yet, here I am to offer some advice that might work.

I think my tempo is pretty good. It seems to work for my game, but I sometimes have challenges as well. When I try to swing faster, I ruin my tempo. Interestingly, clubhead speed and tempo are not the same thing and unless I practice swinging faster, my swing mechanics suffer.

Additionally, there are different swing tempos depending on what club you are swinging. It does make sense, to a degree because of the different needs required from each club. Here take a look:

Using Alexander Cadogan (not sure the name is spelt correctly, but you get the point) is an interesting way to finding your tempo. I tried it and it is slightly different than my tempo, but I get the point.

Why is it important to find Tempo…..well: “Under pressure, many golfers begin to rush their golf swings. When the tempo of the golf swing changes, it disrupts the rhythm necessary for consistency and repeatability. These changes make it almost impossible for a golfer to properly time the position of the clubface through the impact zone. A change in tempo will create a change in ball flight! Consequently, a great playing thought is to maintain the tempo and rhythm of your golf swing. The more consistent you are in replicating your own swing tempo, the more likely you will have the rhythm and timing to hit consistent golf shots.” (Keiser University)

There is not much more I can say on this topic except to find the tempo that works for your game. It will take a bit of time, but it is work the effort.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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