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Pleasantrees & White Boy Rick Bring The 8th to Michigan

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Pleasantrees & White Boy Rick Bring The 8th to Michigan

Founded in 2018, Pleasantrees is devoted to setting new standards for the cannabis industry. With dedication to not only cultivating premier cannabis, but also relationships with their customers, and the community that supports them.

Cannabis is an incredible plant with the power to help make anyone’s day a little brighter. For some people, cannabis is an important medicine; for others, it’s a pleasant daily ritual that elevates their mood, sparks creativity, and helps wash away stress. Whatever your reason for using cannabis, Pleasantrees is committed to helping you find the right product every time.

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Ventana Plant Science Nutrients Website

Science of Cannabis Nutrients Guide with George at Ventana Plant Science

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Table of Contents:

00:00 Opening
00:45 Nate Intro
01:30 Nate sits down with White Boy Rick and Jerome at Pleasantrees
04:57 Propagation with Tim and Randy, aka “Pops” featuring Ventana Plant Science and Current Culture
09:17 Vegetation with Evan and an IPM regimen featuring Neutra Fog
12:39 Flower with Tim featuring AirTech HVAC and controllers, as well as more VPS
17:06 Nate chats with Kyle from AirTech to discuss their HVAC systems
19:46 Nate’s “Nutrient Master Class” with George Murray of Ventana Plant Science
23:34 Curing at Pleasantrees with Adam. Nate learns about “the chew.”
26:13 Processing with Randy at the Pleasantrees processing facility. They talk about live rosin and social capital.
29:23 Packaging with Randy where Nate learns about Pleasantrees branding, featuring Grove Bags Terp-Loc™ technology, Quest, and GreenBroz.
Featured Strains (nothing for sale)
Oreoz, Garlic Sherbet, Wedding Mints, Creamsicle, Candy Pebbles, Fudge Ripple, Detroit Kush Cake
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