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Xander Schauffele shoots 62, sets PGA Championship record

By admin May27,2024

Yahoo Sports’ Jay Busbee reports from the 106th PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky.

Video Transcript

In all of golf history.

There have only been four rounds of 62 shot at the majors and Xander Scoff now has two of them.

He did it again today at the PGA Championship Cargan nine under 62 at Valhalla Golf Club here in Louisville.

Now, the question for Scoff, what does he do?

Now, he’s one of the best regular season players in the game.

He’s an Olympic gold medalist, but he hasn’t been able to close the deal and get that first elusive major.

So we’ll be, he’ll be able to do it this time around the other three who shot 62 didn’t win their majors.

Maybe this is Shale’s time.

He tees off again Friday afternoon after two o’clock, depending on the rain and we’ll see if he can carry it through all the way.


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