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UNEXPECTED BEST Forgiving Driver of 2024!

By admin May28,2024

Here we HAVE IT! The unexpected best forgiving driver of 2024… this video is a must watch because you will be shocked by the unexpected results of this because I certainly was! When buying a driver and comparing different drivers on the market in 2024 we want to know which is the best driver? What is the best driver of 2024? What is the most forgiving driver of 2024? Anti-slice driver? Well this test will show you exactly that. In this honest and unbiased golf review (As i am no longer tied with a single brand) i test and go through the results of the brand new Mizuno S230 Max, Taylormade Qi10 Max, Callaway Ai Smoke Max D and Ping G430 Max 10k. All of these have been individually reviewed here:

Mizuno S230 Max 2024:
Taylormade Qi10 Max 2024:
Callaway Ai Smoke Max D 2024:
Ping G430 Max 10k 2024:

So many golfers ask me what is the best anti-slice driver in golf, which driver is best for a slice? which driver is the most forgiving and the biggest question of all, which is the best driver for 2024. Sit back and enjoy this honest and unbiased review with unexpected results.

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