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Accepting The State Of Your Golf Game

By admin May30,2024

For many years I discussed the state of my golf game. The ups and downs, the goods and bads, and the highs and lows. Many times, I was asked why I do not just accept my game as is and play golf for the enjoyment. This is a valid question, however I would suggest that the benchmark for happiness on the golf course is relative to the experiences of each player. I believe this is the situation for all golfers regardless of their skill level. Let me explain.

The type of golf game we aspire to play is based on many factors. In my case, I like to compete, improve my game (even in minor ways) and socialize. Each of these can happen at the same time, but generally they occur on an individual basis.

For those wondering, I have accepted the state of my golf game. My game is always in flux. Yup, I like being on a journey of improving my golf knowledge, skill, and overall strength of my game. This path is one of changes, improvements and yes, sometimes frustration. It is all part of the process of self-improvement.

My line of thinking leads me to another area of my golf game. Accepting others for how they play their game. I am not one to offer advice without being asked. I readily accept advice from friends who know my game because that is how I improve. But, to suggest to others what then need to do to improve is only projecting my desired outcomes on others. That is not how we become fun playing partners. Therefore, accepting others for how they play is part of my journey as well.

Lastly, I need to accept that my game will not always be sharp. Currently, I am experiencing a tough time chipping. Although it was better yesterday (update from yesterdays article), I know that I have some work to do to regain my past level of success. I have ventured down this path before and always found my way home. Well, I accept that my game will fluctuate, but I do not accept the lower standards of play.

Golf is an awesome game that offers a plethora of paths. Learning to accept all aspects of what it has to offer is part of the game. It took me many years to understand that acceptance is an important part of golf and now I believe I am in the proper mindset to really enjoy my game. How about you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


By admin

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