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Big Pickle podcast: Morgan Pressel joins us to talk U.S. Women’s Open and more

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If this week’s Women’s U.S. Open doesn’t offer enough intrigue for you, we’re pretty sure you’re not a golf fan.

Many eyes will fall on Nelly Korda at the 79th playing of the event, this one at Lancaster Country Club. The 1919 William Flynn design first came into the national spotlight nine years ago when In Gee Chun won in her championship debut. It was the first time the club had hosted a USGA event.

But with Lexi Thompson announcing she’ll retire at season’s end at the ripe age of 29, there’s an added wrinkle to the event.

Morgan Pressel knows plenty about the U.S. Women’s Open: She’s played in 17 of them, including a second-place finish when she was just an amateur in 2005.

The dynamic broadcaster sat with our Beth Ann Nichols and Grant Boone to discuss this week’s and plenty more in this episode of “The Big Pickle.” Watch it above or listen here:

Subscribe, comment and tell a friend. As the women’s game continues to gain momentum, “The Big Pickle” will be sure to keep you informed, enlightened and entertained on everything LPGA.

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