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Popular Casino Games in Ireland – Golf News

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Going to the casino is a really exciting night out, often the choice of young men on a stag, or a ladies night – and there are many reasons why people still love the casino and choose to get all dressed up to take their chances.

For most of recorded human history, games of chance and competitions have been part of cultures around the world. Crude card games, based on stones and leaves, have been found in the ancient burial grounds of our ancestors around the world, and this as a pastime is something that has always continued.

Casinos, as we recognise them today, were first established in Europe, although you might not believe that when you think of the sheer number of casinos in America – Las Vegas in particular, of course. Casinos here have a reputation of being a bit more refined, but the top games played tend to be the same all over the world (and that includes in online casinos, like

1.      Slots

It is obvious what the draw of the slot machine is to the gamer. The opportunity to play brightly coloured, exciting, and undeniably simple games is a draw for many people, and the straightforward nature of how these games work is only part of it.

Slot games are designed to be easy to learn, they are based on chance rather than any sort of skill or knowledge, and there are so many different games and themes to choose from.

Jackpots can range from a couple of hundred right through to tens of thousands, especially in games with progressive jackpots where they are linked across venues.

If you are new to playing slots, remember that you need to know what symbols you are looking for, so check out the pay table before you start.

All you need to do is choose your stake and press the spin button. The game will do the rest, and you might just be lucky!

2.      Blackjack

There are some who think that blackjack is the ultimate casino card game. With the sole aim of beating the dealer, the simplicity of this game comes from just adding up the cards in your hand and hoping it is better than what the dealer has.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that blackjack isn’t a game that experienced players want to get involved in. Many people have developed strategies, some that work and others that don’t, and it is a game that can be as complicated as you want to make it.

3.      Roulette

It’s hard to think of a casino and not imagine a roulette wheel. The red and black numbers, the little white ball, the excitement as the wheel slows and then stops – it’s a wonderful, exciting, and very traditional game to play.

In a roulette game, you choose your bet – whether you want to choose a particular number, or a colour, or odds or evens. There are more complicated bet types available, of course, but these are popular starting points for new players.

The croupier will spin the wheel, then off you go.

4.      Poker

Poker is a game that has fascinated people for decades, maybe even centuries. Mobsters and cowboys play poker, and there is a sense of danger that comes with playing Texas Hold’Em or 7-card stud that you don’t really find in other casino games.

The other, more exciting part of poker is that you are playing against the other people on the table – so you need to hone your bluffing and acting skills, you need to learn how to read people, and you have to have a strategy in place to get ahead.

Poker tournaments are a fantastic way to get your hands on excellent jackpots, if you have the skills.

5.      Live Games

This is specifically related to online casinos rather than physical casinos – and thanks to technology, live casino games are the best way for players to feel like they are really there when they are actually sitting at home or waiting for the bus.

Most online casinos offer live versions of their top games, so you can choose to turn up to a virtual table for blackjack, poker, and roulette alongside other players. Cameras are trained on a real-life croupier, who might be in a casino or a studio, and they will deal and set up games in the same way they would if you were really there.

The cameras use Optical Recognition Technology to pick up the cards and the action, so you can play as if you are really there. You can chat to other players, and even ask questions of the dealer as you play, so you can get more of the social aspect of the game rather than playing solo at home.

Getting your gaming on at the casino, whether a physical building or from your home, is a great way to pass the time.



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