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Club Selection Out Of The Rough

By admin Jun8,2024

Every round of golf requires players to hit the ball out of the rough. It does not matter how hard we try, our ball will inevitably find the rough. Knowing this, do you understand what club to use when to ensure that we minimize the damage of mishits out of the long grass. Many times I a have ruined a round of golf be poor club selection out of the rough because I did not account for how my ball was lying in relation to the grass around my ball. Fortunately, I have learned this lesson (many times) and I think I make better club selection now than in my past. Do you understand what club to use depending on how your ball is lying in the rough?

Ultimately, club selection depends on how much grass is surrounding your ball in the rough. Understanding that a 75 yard shot with a higher lofted club might be the best option is important to keeping those high scores off the card. The image below is to show you how grass can surround your ball and make it difficult to cleanly hit your ball out of the rough. The club selection is for around the green, but the video below will talk about shots from farther back.

Keeping in mind how the ball looks when in the rough, selecting the proper club is the more challenging than one thinks. Many times we default to a club, like a hybrid, without thought about my other options. Keeping an open mind, here is some options:

In some instances, hitting an eight iron (or other higher lofted irons) is the correct choice even though the ball may only travel 75 yards. It is important to keep in mind that setting ourselves up for a great shot from the fairway is key to hitting out of the rough. Additionally, the ball will react out of the rough, such as a flyer lie, and it could be important to select of different club to go the longer distances. There really is more to club selection when hitting out of the rough than just advancing the ball.

There were many times when I let my ego make the decision for me. Thinking that I could advance the ball just 50 yards farther than what the lie would allow. I turned many par opportunities into no trouble doubles because I did not take may medicine or tried to advance the ball farther than the situation would reasonably allow. Why would I do that you might ask, will like Pavlov’s dog, I would hit a rare great shot out of the rough with the wrong club and think I could do this every time. “Aw, Sugar” would be my response as my ball dribbled just a few yards in front of its current location.

Hitting the ball out of the rough is simple if we think through the possibilities. Selecting the proper club in order to make solid contact is important. This decision mainly relies on how the ball is sitting in the long grass. As the you lady in the video stated, it is important to take our medicine sometimes when playing the gall out of tough lies.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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