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New Core And Cover For Titleist Tour Soft Balls

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Titleist are the number one brand in golf when it comes to golf balls, so it’s perhaps fitting that they are kicking off 2024 with updates to two popular models: the TruFeel (more on that here) and the Tour Soft.

Titleist Tour Soft 2024 Golf Balls

The new Tour Soft features new core and cover technology to provide golfers with longer distance off the tee and increased spin into the green, along with that all-important soft feel.

Titleist Tour Soft 2024 Golf Balls

The key new features included within the Tour Soft are:

New faster, larger core – delivers faster ball speed for more distance off the tee, incredible soft feel and low spin on long game shots.

Reformulated thin Fusablend cover – provides dependable greenside spin for excellent short game control.

346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design – offers an efficient aerodynamic package and optimised ball flight for long distance.

The Tour Soft’s new large core is said to increase ball speed and distance off the tee, while providing a soft feel on every shot. The core has a 1.608″ diameter, making it the largest ionomer-covered core on the market.

Titleist Tour Soft 2024 Golf Balls

On top of this is the thin FusaBlend cover, which has been reworked to increase both spin and control on shots into the green.

Every model in Titleist’s golf ball range has a unique dimple pattern which is said to optimise aerodynamics and ball flight. As such, the Tour Soft balls have a 346 quad dipyramid dimple pattern which produces efficient aerodynamics for optimised flight and distance.

“The core is the engine of the golf ball, and that’s where a ball gets its speed. What makes the new Tour Soft unique is the size of its core, which gives the ball even more of its fastest material and allows for exceptional speed in the long game.”

“Then when you get into your scoring clubs, Tour Soft’s Fusablend cover over that large core gives golfers the spin needed to hit it closer to the hole.”

Mike Madson, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball R&D

Titleist Tour Soft 2024 Golf Balls

The new Titleist Tour Soft Ball will be available from 2nd February and offered in white, high optic yellow and green, at an SRP of £39.99 per dozen. An additional Pink colourway will be offered from July 2024.

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