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Flaring Your Feet in Your Golf Stance

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If you watch many golfers, the foot position will vary considerably. Many times I was asked about why I flare my front foot more than my trail foot. Mostly, I mention that it helps me finish my swing in a balanced position. However, that is not the root answer. My foot position in my stance depends greatly on something more fundamental – flexibility. Yup, that is the primary reason. Let me explain why.

Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of developing a smooth and controlled golf swing. “Flexibility in the body is essential for maximizing power and speed in the golf swing, as well as reducing potential injuries. In particular, proper flexibility allows the body to move through the entire range of motion required for a powerful and efficient golf swing.” (

**PSA** Even the Mayo Clinic offers golf stretches to use to improve your game. However, I would caution you not to start any different physical activity without consulting your health care team. The discussion about flexibility is for you information only.

Now that you understand that flexibility is an important part of golf, why should we flare our feet when standing over the ball. Simply, by pointing our toes outward we enable our body to increase its range of motion. For older player like myself, it is beneficial when trying to hit solid, well-balanced golf swings. It really does help me with my range of motion.

Position of my feet during and after contact.

You can see that my left foot is flares about three inches from center when I was hitting a 7 iron in the picture. I was able to rotate (as you can see with my back foot starting to lift off the ground) through the swing in a balanced way. I flare my lead foot all the time except when putting or chipping with my 7 iron.

I developed an infographic on chipping and show how I flare my foot during my swing. I thought it would be helpful.

I flair my lead foot mostly, but have been know to slightly flare my trail foot. There are some videos on this topic that might be helpful that you can find, but I think you get my point.

Flaring our feet during our golf swing has many benefits. Mostly, it facilitates full range of movement due to lower flexibility. I flare my foot on all my swings except a few. If you want to increase your range of movement, I suggest you head to the range and see if this minor stance adjustment works for your game. Remember the choice is ultimately yours and caution should be taken when attempting anything new and physical.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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