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GO Junior Golf Series has gotten events going

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There were 87 golfers competing at Windridge Country Club in the HUB International/Chick-Fil-A of Owensboro GO Junior Golf Series on Monday.

Here were some of the local age group winners. In the 3-hole divisions: Boys 8-under Griffin Fiorella (Owensboro) 15. In the 6-hole divisions: Boys 9-10 James Lawson (Owensboro) 28. Girls 9-10 Scarlett Kamuf (Owensboro) 34.

In the 9-hole divisions: Boys 13-15 Andrew Pagan (Owensboro) 45. Girls 13-15 Hampton Gaddis (Owensboro) 63.

In the 18-hole divisions: Boys 13-15 championship Jaxon Blake (Hawesville) 75. Boys 16-18 championship Jax Malone (Owensboro) 77. Girls 16-18 championship Baylie Billingsley (Owensboro) 87. Girls 13-15 championship Briley Billingsley (Owensboro) 90.

There were 67 junior golfers at Lakeshore Country Club in Madisonville last Friday.

In the 9-hole divisions: boys 11-12 Will Burden (Madisonville) 38. Girls 11-12 Brinley Cox (Clarkson) 45. Boys 13-15 Miller Mayes (Greenville) 44. Girls 13-15 Ellington Cox (Clarkson) 46.

In the 18-hole divisions: girls 16-18 championship Maggie Blair (Guston) 94. Boys 16-18 championship Michael Terry (Madisonville) 83. Boys 13-15 championship Mason Ranes (Henderson) 76.

The 19th annual HUB International/Chick-Fil-A GO Junior Golf Series opened its season at The Bridges of Henderson Golf Club last week.

There were 61 junior golfers in the event.

In 9-hole divisions: boys 11-12 Will Burden (Madisonville) 41. Girls 11-12 Kennedi Minton (Owensboro) 50. Boys 13-15 Collier Thurby (Henderson) 55. Girls 13-15 Rylie Hayden (Owensboro) 55.

In 18-hole divisions: boys 16-18 championship Will Hume (Owensboro) 80. Girls 16-18 championship Baylie Billingsley (Owensboro) 82. Boys 13-15 championship Lemuel Wright (Harned) 76. Girls 13-15 championship Ainsley Dalton (Henderson) 80.


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