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Adding Strokes To My Score By Mistake!

By admin Jun10,2024

My goal during every round is to shoot the least amount of strokes after 18 holes. I realize this is not an earth shattering revelation. Yet, I felt it needed to be stated at the beginning of today’s discussion. Every thought, decision, and swing are focused on maximizing the chances for the best outcome for each shot. Sounds daunting for sure, however if you take time to think about it I am right. Unfortunately, this focused goal can be a challenge sometimes when my ego, due to frustration, decides to rear its ugly head. When this happens the key to success is to beat back the ego beast. So, how can I do this you may ask! Well…..

I wrote an article on ego that might help on the basic level. What I am talking about today is more focused on frustration vice state of mind. There are many times when playing golf when I let my frustration rule my decision making. After making a poor shot, I shut my brain off and foolishly make a few more before I can regain my composure. Yup, it is a pain to walk that path, yet every golfer has sauntered this route. Fortunately, I know how to fix this mental challenge and it is as easy peasy.

Success to beating back my frustration and ego is rooted in the acronym ‘OSVEA”. This information is from several years ago and it is still very relevant today. I use this process without exception….well, all but one.

Acceptance of a missed shot is a tough pill to swallow. When I feel that I should have made the easy shot and miss, I do not accept the result. I stew on my misfortune and it causes me to overlook my pre-shot routine on the next shot. This mental error only adds strokes to my scorecard. Yes, from time to time I am successful when not using my pre-shot routine, but more often than not I fail. Hence, acceptance of the shot results is key to overall game and lower golf scores.

All golfers are trying to shoot the lowest score every time we tee it up. I am definitely no different. Acceptance of the results is important to my success on the links and it is something I have struggled with many times during a some rounds. After making a poor shot that if I used the ‘OSVEA’ process and focus on acceptance, my scores are a little bit better.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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