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Cleveland Introduces New Launcher And Halo XL Woods

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In the golf equipment world, January means new gear and Cleveland Golf are getting in on the act with the introduction of the Launcher XL 2 Drivers and Halo XL Woods.

Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Drivers

An update on the Launcher XL line from 2022, the Launcher XL 2 combines maximum distance and forgiveness and features all-new technology to take performance in the long game to the next level.

Cleveland Launcher XL2 Driver

“From top to bottom, the Launcher XL 2 was designed with the avid golfer in mind. We want players to feel confident off the tee and know they’re going to get the most out of their round with the best club in the bag. Across the board players are going to see a noticeable difference in distance, feel and consistency.”

Joe Miller, European Product Manager, Cleveland Golf Europe.

The main feature aiding the performance of these drivers is the MainFrame XL Face technology. This involves the use of AI to create a variable thickness face design, which can reshape and enlarge the sweet spot for better energy transfer and improved ball speeds.

Cleveland Launcher XL2 Driver

As the name suggests, there is an XL head design and weight setup which helps to provide 2% more heel/toe MOI and 12% more high/low MOI, the highest ever levels in a Cleveland driver.

The Launcher XL 2 has an adjustable hosel which allows golfers to fine-tune launch angle, distance and shot shape. Cleveland are also offering a Launcher XL 2 Draw Driver this year, which is specifically designed to help golfers who struggle with a slice.

The drivers will be available at retail from 17th February and come with an RRP of £426.

Cleveland Halo XL Woods

The new Halo XL Fairways, Hy-Woods and Hybrids are said to bring power and forgiveness, with a number of features designed to make it easier to get the ball off the ground.

There are GlideRail rails along the sole of the club, reminiscent of Cobra’s iconic Baffler rails, to help encourage cleaner turf interaction and keep the face more square through impact.

Cleveland Halo XL Woods

Like the Launcher XL 2, the Halo XL woods feature MainFrame XL technology to shape and expand the sweet spot for more distance, with weight pushed deeper and lower in the clubhead for more forgiveness.

The Halo XL Hy-Wood has a head size, shape and shaft length which falls directly between a Fairway Wood and a Hybrid, helping golfers to maintain proper gapping at the top end of the bag for more control and added distance.

Cleveland Halo XL Woods

The club also features a new 4+ loft offering to give golfers more options than before.

For a long iron or fairway wood substitute, the Halo XL Hybrids bring more versatility and are designed to make it easier for golfers to get out of tough lies around the course.

Cleveland Halo XL Woods

Both the Launcher XL 2 and Halo XL Woods feature Cleveland’s Rebound Frame technology and Action Mass CB.

The Rebound Frame uses alternating dual-flex zones to increase energy towards the ball, promoting more ball speed and distance on each shot. The Action Mass CB is an 8 gram counterbalance weight placed into the end of the shaft for more stability and control without any extra effort.

Also available at retail from 17th February, the Cleveland Halo XL woods are available at the following RRPs:

Halo XL Fairway: £269

Halo XL Hy-Wood: £259

Halo XL Hybrid: £239

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