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Open Day Of The 2024 Golf Season Is Here

By admin Apr30,2024

The day has finally arrived! The 2024 golf season starts at my local courses. After months of lamenting, hoping and wishing, the local golf courses are opening. It is exactly 11 days longer than I had hoped, but that is the nature of Mother Nature! So, now what? What do I do next? These and many more are great questions. The trick is to start strong without causing any damage to my body. This seems like a no-brainer, however it has happened in the past.

Recently, the sun has been shining, but the air is very cool. I worked out in yard yesterday getting my place ready for spring, but I found that I still needed many layers. The challenge I would have faced (and will continue to face for a bit longer) is keeping my hands warm. I would still need to wear golfs to play if I was on the links yesterday.

Today is a good sign for golf. It is going up to 14° C (58° F) at its highest today. Unfortunately at the time of writing it is -10° C (14° F). I am an avid golfer, but that is still way to cold for me to enjoy a loop around the golf course. The good thing is that it will only get warmer (I hope) as the days progress. For now, I will continue to work in my yard doing fun beautification projects.

Northern Golf Tour by the GHSC in 2023

I already have a few events to look forward to this season. I will be running the match play events at my local course, Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort. These events will be an open and club championship for men. I am trying to expend these events to run the ladies side and I am in discussion with that group to see if they are interested.

Of course, my hickory sticks are ready to go. The Golf Historical Society of Canada are running a few more events this year. I am hoping attend as many as I can, but life is slowing down my ability to attend all the events. The first major event is World Hickory Golf Day on May 5th. I am disappointed I will be not be attending.

My local crew are going on on two day out of town event. I am the official scorekeeper and we are playing to use the Modified Stableford scoring system. It will be the first time we use this scoring system. The hopes is that it evens out the scoring to give everyone a chance to win a prize. Regardless, this is my first big event of the season.

As you can see, I have a great deal of golf to look forward too this season. And it all starts today! I am excited to hit the links and I will continue to chronical my exploits on the links over the next six months.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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