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Sinking Short Putts The Easy Way

By admin Apr30,2024

The ability to sink short putts (inside four feet) is a challenge for all amateur golfers. Many times we dread these knee knockers because we do not have an establish process for success. For years I thought that banging the ball at the hole was the road to success, however this approach is fine as long as I hit the center of the cup. For those beginners and more experienced players who want to break down a simple easy to use process for sinking short putts, then you have come to the right golf blog.

Lately, I have have used the videos created by I find them perfect for the majority of amateurs looking to improve their overall golf game. Well, today is no different. If we follow the five simple steps offered in this video, our putting from short distances will greatly improve!

There is one topic in this article that I want to address. It is the pendulum stroke. I fully endorse this type of tempo for putting. I mentioned that back 6 forward 12 is my mantra and it continues for my putting process, however, some clarification is needed.

My friend Andre, who is TPI Level 1 Certified, mentioned I might be misleading the readers by my mantra of back 6 forward 12. He mentioned that my mantra suggests a stabbing putting stroke like Brandt Snedeker. i never thought of it that way, but I am always open to suggestions for clarification of a potential error.

To be clear, I fully endorse the even tempo pendulum stroke when putting. I do think that an extended follow using a consistent tempo throughout the entire stroke is very important for overall success on the greens. I want to thank Andre for bringing up this topic. His observation (and discussion) helps improve the overall content of The Grateful Golfer and for that I am grateful.

Hitting your ball in the hole is the ultimate goal in golf. In many cases, the last four feet can be a challenge. If you use the fundamental process outlined here today, good things will happen to reach your goal. I follow the five steps and find that I sink these short knee knockers more often than not.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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