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Playing Timberwolf Golf Club With Friends

By admin May28,2024

My friend Mike came to town on Sunday and as per usual we planned a golf game at a new course. Timberwolf Golf Club in Garson, Ontario, is a great course. Mike, Blair and I had a great time, but we did miss our fourth, Rick, on this trip. At $100 for 18 holes, cart and free range balls, this course has plenty of value and was well worth the trip. If you are heading to Northern Ontario, I would consider this course a must play. Now, for more about our round!

Blair, Mike and I. Having a great time playing golf together, again.

To get this out of the way, Mike and I play a front nine, back nine, and overall match play game for a Loonie for each. I ended up losing to Mike and it cost me a Toonie. I swore that I would not tell anyone, but to be fair to my friend, he played very well. This is the second time in a row he has won our match. I have to say that the next time, I will be come out as the victor. Congrats Mike!

From Timberwolf website: “Thomas McBroom’s design more than just a series of golf holes; it’s an immersive journey through Northern Ontario’s wild beauty. The course winds through a rich tapestry of nature, featuring babbling streams, lush wetlands, and majestic rock formations. The landscape is dotted with thousands of white birches, creating a striking contrast against the greens and fairways. Wildlife abounds, adding an element of awe to every round.” Everything the espouse is true. Timberwolf was picturesque and I thoroughly enjoyed playing the course.

Timberwolf had a great practice area. Plenty of practice tees, expansive chipping area, and several sand traps. This is the best practice area I used in many years. And it is all included in the price.

As we would around the course I was impressed by the playing condition of the course. It was very well manicured, the greens were in immaculate shape, the rough was long and thick, strategically placed sand traps and tee boxes were flat. The last thing many not be a big deal, but on some courses I play, it is very important.

Typical hole with well placed sand traps.

The par three holes were a great challenge. We had to hit to distance with accuracy. With very receptive greens, so the hitting the greens was important. We hit the greens half the time and had to work for our pars when we missed. Blair played the Par 3 best over the round. His short game really shone on the shorter holes.

As we looped around Timberwolf, Blair and I had some great shots and some ‘wish we could do again shots’. Mike, on the other hand hit the ball very well. He and I were striping the ball off the tee with Mike being slightly longer than me most of the time. We were in play 80% of the time, but after that, Mike definitely out played Blair and I.

Mike’s short game was far superior to mine. He hit the ball well out of the rough and was able to navigate his play around the greens very well. Me, on the other hand, could not hit the green even if I was on the fringe. Without exaggerating, I lost at least 10 strokes from chipping! As per many of the other rounds I played this year, my short game is terrible. My stroke is fast and choppy producing such poor contact that I waste at one stroke on most holes. It was very frustrating.

To top off the poor chipping, my putting was off as well. I three putted 4 greens. The greens were faster than normal, but were in great shape. I cannot blame my poor flat stick play on anything by my poor mental focus. Again, it was very frustrating.

So, why am I telling you about my poor play. Well, every player goes through tough stretches of play. It is just my turn. Although I struggled at Timberwolf, the company, was fantastic.

There is nothing better than playing a round of golf with friends. Mike and Blair are great guys to spend four hours with on the course conversing, joking, verbally jabbing, and supporting each other. We always have a great time and playing Timberwolf was icing on the cake. If you get a chance to play golf with friends, I suggest that you take the opportunity and enjoy your time on the links.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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