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If you’re looking for a better way to arrange your regular golf outings with friends, manage your golf society’s schedule at home and abroad, or find new golfing partners at your home club or in the local area, then look no further than Quick9, a handy free app that takes the legwork out of coordinating and organising golf with playing partners both new and old

Like many people during the pandemic, with more time on their hands, no daily commute and needing a break from endless Zoom and Teams calls, Rob MacAdam found himself drawn back to golf.

Like many 40 somethings, Rob found the pressures of work and family too much to justify splashing out on an annual membership when he was stuck in his traditional work routine. But without the commute and inflexible office hours, the possibility of reconnecting with the game became a reality once more.

Luckily, Rob managed to join his local golf club in Hampshire long before the surge became a stampede, and it wasn’t long before he was playing a quick nine on his own after a day in the home office. However, Rob soon became a bit disillusioned when it came to coordinating golf and building his social network.

Rob says: “The mechanisms for new members to build social networks, like weekday rollups and competitions, are mainly geared towards retirees. As a full-time working parent, I couldn’t easily participate, making it hard to find existing groups or meet like-minded golfers.”

“I managed to find my way into several club WhatsApp groups, but I soon realised they’re still quite siloed and limited to those who are already in the groups. Also, anyone who is part of golf WhatsApp groups knows that trying to coordinate group golf can get chaotic. If you were to design a golf organisation tool, you wouldn’t build WhatsApp!”

Rob began thinking about the ways in which golfers coordinate with each other, and began talking to groups, societies and roll ups to get their perspectives as well. Whilst there have been several golf match-up apps, Rob realised the bigger challenge was to facilitate a more inclusive way to connect, plan and organise games for different types of golf communities.

“It was clear that coordinating and organising golf was a challenge not only for golfers looking for a game, but also for existing groups, whether a small collection of friends, a weekly rollup, a golf society or even a virtual community. I wanted to build a platform to help golfers and golf groups organise more effectively”.

And thus, Quick9 was born. 


Quick9 is a free App that empowers golf groups and communities, be it club members, societies or a group of friends, to organise their golf events in a more streamlined way. With Quick9, your group can coordinate games, track who’s in and who’s out, and monitor group performance in leaderboards and leagues.

Available to download for both iOS and Android, Quick9 offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate, without any of the annoying ads or pop-ups that ruin the user experience for so many golf apps.

Once registered, there’s just a few simple steps to sign up your golf group, society, club or community, after which you can invite your friends and members, and begin organising your golf schedule. Alternatively, you can join an existing group.

Discreet notifications keep everyone in the loop about the important details, rather than the irrelevant group chatter you get with WhatsApp. 


If you’re the administrator of a group, you can manage it directly in the app, adding or removing members, sharing event invites and details, and tracking participation.

If you’re eligible for a game, you can quickly see the date, time and location of the game, the format of the game, and who has already signed up to it, enabling you to make a quick and informed decision about whether you want to take part or not. You can then add a comment and chat to fellow group members in the lead up to the day. 

If you’re not able to find a game that suits your schedule, you can always set up your own game and send out invitations to specific players to join you at a specific time or you can make it a public event which lets everyone know in your network. 

Once a game is over, players can upload their final scores/points to Quick9 which creates a leaderboard for that event. Scores can also be added to a running table for season-long leagues and multi-round events, injecting a competitive edge to gamify your group’s golf schedule.

The app also works at the club level as well, allowing clubs to manage their own groups. For example, clubs can create groups for all members or just those who recently joined, where members can post and find games. 

So, ditch the chaos of golf coordination in WhatsApp groups and join the Quick9 revolution. Your golfing life is about to get a whole lot more organised and fun! 


“Quick9 has really enhanced the North Hants community and has been positively received by our members. It has made it easier for new and returning players to form connections and friendships – which can only be a good thing for golfers and golf clubs. It’s also improved the organisation of existing groups and rollups, bringing a refreshing alternative to the usual WhatsApp approach. It’s exactly what the industry has needed.”
Rob Climas, General Manager of North Hants Golf Club

“Quick9 is a great app that enables you to arrange and manage rounds of golf, be it with your friends, fellow members or just individuals seeking a round of golf with others. No more scrolling through endless chat messages to work out who is playing and when, instead I can see my individual rounds in a diary as well as message just those I am playing with on a specific day. My golfing friend group has grown through the use of this app and I have managed to play more by joining rounds where others have set up public rounds.”
Iain Parker, member at North Hants Golf Club

“We recently made the switch from WhatsApp to Quick9 for organising our society’s league and monthly outings. From an admin standpoint it has been a really great switch for me. We usually keep our outings to a maximum of 24 players and with Quick9 I no longer need to keep a count on who is available or not in the WhatsApp group. We have a broad range of ages in the group, from 28-75, and the clean and simple design of the app means that everyone is able to navigate it easily. The feature which is most popular among the group’s members is the addition of the league table with current standings which has definitely boosted the competitive spirit of our members!”
David Dempsey, Wex Pats Golf Society, Wexford, Ireland

The Quick9 app can be downloaded for free from Google Play, Apple App Store or wherever you get your apps, or you can scan the QR code below.

For more details on Quick9, visit


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