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Lowering Your Golf Score The Easy Way

By admin Jun1,2024

I want to lower my golf score! I want to shoot more consistent scores to lower my index! There are many other statements that golfers proclaim that are a wish because they do not change their game to achieve their goal. Statements without actions achieve nothing in golf. Understanding that changes also require knowledge will empower every golfer to lower their score the easy way. Chris Ryan offers 10 must do actions that are easy to achieve because it does not require a swing change! Take a look!

After years of playing, I can honestly say I do most of what Ryan is saying……most of the time. Golf is a simple game if we follow a routine or strategy that increases our chances of playing consistent golf. The ten tips offered by Ryan are great and will work to lower your golf scores.

In my case, I have sometimes fail at warming up and choosing the proper club for distance. Warming up is a challenge at my home course because there is no warm up facility… all. That is the way it is, so warming up is a challenge. I can swing the club, but I cannot hit any balls prior to playing.

Hitting enough club to the green is a challenge. Like many players, I use proper technology to determine the distance and choose my club accordingly. Unfortunately, my biggest mistake is to under club my shots or come up short to the pin. I might hit one good shot and leave my ball pin high and that reinforces poor club selection. I am aware of this challenge. Thus, I am working to fix my club selection. The challenge most of the time is being between clubs. I should club up, but that is an internal discussion between my six inches of real estate between my ears.

Following what Chris Ryan suggests will lower your golf score. He provides great insight into decision making and course management. I follow most of his tips and support them as a reasonable, easy, and sustainable course of action to lower our golf scores. You have the ability to lower your scores, it is a matter of making simple changes to improve your overall game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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