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The Five Don’ts Of Hitting Driver

By admin Jun2,2024

Understanding the do’s and don’ts of hitting a driver is very important. Knowing the must do’s vice avoiding hitting errors creates knowledge that can be employed on the golf course. I hit my driver well. Actually, I would consider it the best club in my bag. Even though it is my most reliable club, I still need to focus on what to do correctly in order to maximize distance and accuracy off the tee. So today’s article will focus on things to avoid when hitting driver.

I rely on video’s to offer valuable information on my golf swing. I try to stick to the basics and today’s topic of things to avoid when hitting our driver hits the mark. After you watch the video, I will talk about two areas that I feel are very important because they required more attention to fit into my game.

If I could avoid all five of Rick Shiels recommendations, my driver would be even more valuable to my game. As it is, I struggle with two of the don’ts when hitting driver. The first is hitting up on the ball. For years I would hit through the ball. I would try and make contact at the lowest level of my arc thinking that this was the proper position to make contact with my driver. As it turns out, I needed to place the ball a couple of inches forward in my stance in order to hit up through the ball. This adjustment has created challenges for me over the years and I still struggle from time to time. Removing all practices is a challenge regardless of the current state of your game.

The second spreading my feet enough to create a powerful base. In my case, widening my feet is helpful to a point. I find that a wide stance limits the swing movements. Now, I realize that in the challenge stated in the last sentence might be caused by too wide of a stance. There is a fine line and each golfer must find that the distance that works for their game. Each of us will need to put in a bit of range time to assess and determine the width required to be successful. The conventional wisdom tells us to have the inside of our feet lined up with the outside of our shoulders. Again, this is a starting point.

Knowing what not to do when hitting driver has value. This knowledge can be extrapolated to find the positive actions need to hit our driver well. Learning how to hit our driver, or any club, is an adventure. Rick Shiels offering five valuable nuggets of information is a great place to start.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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